Wooden Business Cards

 Laser engraved wooden business cards by Sanctuary Letterpress.

Laser engraved wooden business cards by Sanctuary Letterpress.

With so many options for business card design available online, even the worst business cards have gotten a lot better in recent years. As the minimum standard has gotten better, it's become more difficult to make your business cards stand out from the crowd. Valuewalk.com had a great story last month about exceptionally decadent marble business cards. They're beautiful products, but somewhat out of the average business person's budget. Luckily, there is another, much more readily available medium that also provides a stunning finish when used for business cards. Wood. Yes, trusty old wood. Wooden business cards are a recent innovation here at Sanctuary Letterpress. Our Austin Letterpress studio was originally set up to handle a whole range of letterpress services for weddings and businesses. But today, we'd like to share with you some of the wooden business cards we've been working on. 

Our new range of wood cards have a luxurious feel thanks to the thick, 3mm wood used in their construction. We employ precision laser cutting and engraving machines to enhance the natural beauty of wood. And the results? Simply stunning. 

 Wooden business cards for Barn and Forest Lumber Co.

Are wooden business cards sustainable?

The Austin business environment has a real focus on sustainable business practices. Our wooden cards are made from sustainably sourced wood which ensures that every card has a unique color and texture. Wooden cards can give your business information the WOW factor they need to convince new clients to work with you. Wooden cards also carry an inherent value. It's easy to throw away a flimsy online-printed card that could just as easily be holding up a chair leg. Not so with wooden cards. The weight alone conveys quality. Very few people have ever been handed something so sturdy, so they're usually loathed to throw it away without seriously considering the information a wooden card carries. 

Order quantities of wooden business cards

Unlike letterpress business cards that require a polymer plate (which has a fixed cost), wooden business cards can be produced one at a time. While most people probably shouldn't order fewer than 100 business cards for the costs to be economical, wooden business cards can be easily produced in small quantities. Our most recent project was done with just 50 cards. This means you can get started with wooden business cards much much faster than with letterpress cards. And the commitment is also much less. Typical turnaround time usually runs around 7-10 business days. But as with all orders placed on sanctuaryletterpress.com, we offer rush order services. Again, since you don't need to wait for a polymer plate to be manufactured for your printing, wooden cards can potentially be produced on a shorter turnaround time than standard printing services. 

Kinds of wood for business cards

Since we started offering these services, we're constantly being asked about the kinds of wood that can be printed onto. The standard answer is "we CAN print your business card on any wood." But since we only print on sustainably sourced materials, the proper answer is "we WILL print on any wood that we can responsibly source." Some woods we've printed on at the time of writing include Birch, Cheery Oak, Walnut, and Mahogany. Depending on what we can source for you, any wood can be used to create your business cards. 

Custom shapes for wood cards

One of the awesome things about lasers is that they give you the ability to create any shape you like for your business card. Unlike online business card services which unfortunately can't offer this. The lasers we use at Sanctuary Letterpress allow us to alter the shape of your card by cutting away portions of the wood from the perimeter of the design. As long as the final result fits within the standard business card dimensions, we don't charge any extra for alternate shaped business cards. 

Varieties of Wooden Business Cards


Laser engraved and printed wooden business cards are a unique product to Sanctuary Letterpress. Every card is custom made to order. we engrave per the specifications of your design. We can print your logo, emblem or family coat of arms. And there are many different shapes available for engraved wood business cards.  


To create a more memorable wood card, it is also possible to use veneer wood for your cards. These are doubled sided veneer woods. Species of wood that can be used for these cards include maple, oak, ash and cherry. These cards are not usually the thickest, usually only getting up to 1.2mm or at most 1.5mm thick. As with all orders, we require a minimum order quantity of 50 business cards. If you choose a veneer wood product with a strong contrast tone (e.g. Walnut), the result is a truly spectacular business card. 


We mentioned earlier that we're able to print any sized wood business card. That includes mini cards! Usually etched onto Alder wood, a solid 2.5mm thickness, they can have a smooth satin finish. Alder wood is easily sourced from sustainable suppliers and is one of our new favorites. We offer these wood cards at any size, but our mini wooden cards are usually about half the size of a standard card which allows us to create them at a lower cost than a standard wood card. 


Driftwood can be kind of hard to get in Austin, Texas. But when we're able to source driftwood for business cards, the result is a beautiful product that is 100% unique. Driftwood has a unique texture that no amount of polishing is going to replicate, and that's the whole point! Driftwood cards are very often well received by the recipient and provide the opportunity for the giver to discuss where the wood came from, how it was sourced and what makes it special. If you happen to be walking along a beach anytime soon, take a quick look down at the sand and see if you can sustainably source the wood for your business cards!