Thick Business Cards

Your business card says more about you than you might think. It's easy to assume that when someone asks for your card, that all you're handing over is your contact information. And in many cases, this is literally what you're doing. You need to give someone a way to contact you. But whats more important is giving someone a reason to contact you. And that's where a heavy, premium business card can do the trick. Our clients have found that the heavier the business card, the more value it communicates. So why should you carry thicker-than normal business cards? 

Sanctuary Letterpress

Sanctuary Letterpress


First impressions with thick business cards

First impressions are very easy to make and unfortunately just as easy to mess up. With every new encounter a young entrepreneur or business person makes with a potential client or customers, they're being assesses. This is a natural process that everyone goes through. First impression can be nearly impossible to reverse. They set the tone for a relationship, no matter whether you're meeting a potential future boss or a bank manager. It's important to put your best foot forward and present the person you're meeting with a quality first impression. You may never get this chance again. 

Carrying a thicker business card is one way to make your name and your first interaction stand out in someone else's mind. Imagine they've been handed 15 flimsy vista-print business cards at the event. All of a sudden, they're holding a thick, hearty letterpress business card made of premium woven paper. The impression is instantaneous. There's texture to the card, they card almost read it without looking at it. This is the kind of experience you want someone holding your business card to have. It's memorable. It guarantees they'll leave your first interaction with a glowing impression. 


Natural expression of your brand

Anyone receiving a business card will match the features of that card to the person who gave it to them. If it's water-damaged, they'll judge you. If it's worn and weathered, they'll think of you this way as well. However, if your business card is new, strong, vibrant and beautiful, the receiver will assign all of these attributes to you. It's safe to assume that if you're handing this person your business card, you want them to think positively of you. Few people take selfies at business events. But almost all will leave the event with a stack of business cards. Making yours stand out in that pile should be your aim. And using a thick business card is one way to do this. After all, it's the only lasting physical impression that you'll be able to leave behind at the end of the event. 

A thick business card suggests:

  • the highest technology
  • the greatest care
  • the best product
  • a premium service
  • guaranteed quality


How thick can your business card be?

There are a few natural limitations on how thick you can actually make a business card and still have it be functional. For example, you can't really hand someone a cube of paper with writing on the side. That's probably not going to fit in anyone's wallet. You want your business card to be thick, but not so thick that it needs it's own carrying device. 

We recommend using 220# card stock for thick business cards. This means you can still letterpress them without cracks or fraying appearing on the surface of the card. This is about 2.5 x the standard business card thickness. This allows the card to feel sturdy and durable while still holding vibrant colors and printing details. 

All business cards we create at Sanctuary Letterpress are printed in-house at our East-Austin letterpress studio. For a tour of our facility, to order a sample of our business cards or just to chat about your letterpress project, click the button below. 

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