Executive Letterpress Stationery

Standing out professionally requires something unique. While many executives have discovered that letterpress printing services create a stunning business card, few have taken up the use of letterpress stationery. But that may be changing. Because the letterpress printing process creates such a beautiful, premium printed product, it lends itself perfectly to stationery for executives and business professionals. If you want your business to stand out, if you want to be seen as a mover and shaker, if your company is selling a high-value product, letterpress stationery can provide the touch of class your brand needs to compete. 

 Personalized stationery by Sanctuary Letterpress

Personalized stationery by Sanctuary Letterpress


Weighty factors

There is more to a letter (or a letterhead) than simply the words on the page. The gauge of the paper, the feel of the envelope, the style of the address are all factors in how your letter is received. Letterpress stationery adds a premium quality to the experience. the stationery we create at Sanctuary is produced with a rich impression on note cards and thick stationery paper. Every sheet is pressed individually and the quality is apparent even before you're started reading the letter. If you have something weighty to say, premium letterpress printing can convey as much as the words on the page. 

Personalized executive stationery

While most companies have their own letterhead. Many firms provide a style guide for employees regarding the use of the company's brand, logo and colors. Within these guidelines, it's more than possible to create personalized stationery unique to your position at the company. This is common in the financial services industry, at Law firms and with professions who provide high-value discretionary services like orthodontics and plastic surgery. Any time a person is spending a lot of money for a service, their buying decisions is made on the back of trust int he quality of the service they're paying for. Personalized executive stationery with with letterpress or blind embossing conveys quality in your business, your professionalism and the value of your services. 


Business stationery specifics

We recommend that your letterpress stationery be weighty but not too thick. It's tempting to try and use a #220 thickness of paper (the same as we might recommend for business cards) but this is often too thick for functional stationery. When we create corporate stationery packages, we often suggest executives go with a 75 or 90 grade, matte white color so the ink or blind emboss really jumps off the page. Standard business sheets should be of quality paper stock in either ecru or white. The standard letterhead size for a letter is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Anything outside these dimensions may be difficult to send and unnatural to receive. 

Letterpress stationery suggests youth

For the last ten years or so, the so called "Hipster" movement has seen the re-emergence of formerly prominent art forms like letterpress and specialized physical arts of all sorts including book design and craft beer and many other local artisan products. As early as 1996, the New York Times was saying that letterpress products were set to make a comeback. Then in June, the Boston Globe explained that young professionals, late Generation X and early Millennials are flocking towards letterpress stationery as part of a movement towards custom, personalized communication tools for personal events and business communications. Depending on the design you're working with, letterpress stationery can make your brand appear youthful or established. Either way, letterpress products suggest quality, but our design team can work with you to create a design that speaks to your brand, image and corporate values. 

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